If you have heard the recent buzz about intermittent fasting you might be curious as to what it is exactly.  Intermittent fasting differs from normal fasting where a person may go 24 hours to several days without food.  With a intermittent fasting one day diet plancontrolled fast a person will typically go anywhere from 16 to 24 hours without eating.

There are actually several health benefits to this which we won’t go into with this post but I will point you to a free one day diet plan that does cover this.  It’s the same diet plan I followed over the summer and lost 30 pounds without ever feeling like I was really dieting.  Additionally the only exercise I did was a daily walk of 30-40 minutes.

On longer fast days I kept myself distracted with work and knowing that at the end of the day I might have a pizza for dinner or some other favorite dinner.

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