Cinnamon Extract

  • This potent insulin-mimicking nutrient is derived from a special water soluble extract of the bark of the cinnamon tree. The specific active strain of this valuable spice bark is called Cinnamomum cassia, and is grown in the forests of Indonesia.
  • Research shows that cinnamon extract has the following effects:
  • Acts as insulin mimetic, helping to more effectively manage blood sugar following a carb-rich meal. Cinnamon can actually stimulate insulin receptors much like insulin itself, like an imperfect key that still works in the lock to open the cell door.1 This enhances sugar movement into muscle cells where it can supply energy and be burned as fuel.
  • Increases glucose metabolism by up to 20-fold. This helps keep blood sugar low and stimulate fat burning due to the clearance of excess sugar from the blood stream.2
  • Supports glucose transport mechanisms by enhancing the insulin signaling pathways, thus disposing of glucose more efficiently.
  • This translates to much lower blood sugar response to high glycemic meals. In this study subjects were fed rice pudding with or without cinnamon. Results show that blood sugar increases were cut by over 50% by the cinnamon.3 The chart and table below show the actual results.

blood glucose charts


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