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Getting Back Into Shape This Year

Three years ago I started a career in the fitness field online.  During that time I built a very lucrative business that allows me to work from home.  Ironically, I actually gained about 40 pounds as I wrote about health and fitness while working with the top trainers in the world.  Even though I had access to the best information and trainers I failed at actually finding a balance in my life between business and fitness.  This year I dropped the first 20 pounds just by walking everyday and cutting out alcohol and refined sugar (almost cutting out sugar….)

Two weeks ago I started a more intensive workout schedule and have further refined my diet while following an intermittent fasting protocol.  I plan on losing those last 20 pounds over the next 8 to 10 weeks – just in time for Thanksgiving and I can start fattening back up again! – ughhhh o.k. – maybe not, but I do plan on maintaining the weight lost this time because I need to stay healthy.

Lately I have been using the products that some of my friends created over at Biotrust.  I started taking BioTrust Leptiburn and BioTrust IC-5.

Both of these supplements are helping me get back to the lean condition you see in the picture below where I am with my pug.  I highly recommend LeptiBurn so that your body continues burning off fat while on a long term weight loss plan.  LeptiBurn increases the hormone leptin in your body.  Leptin is a key fat burning hormone that starts to diminish as you diet, leading to the dreaded weight loss plateua.  By increasing healthy leptin levels you can avoid these frustrating weight loss plateuas.  You can get LeptiBurn here.

Late last year I had been diagnosed with diabetes but through a healthy diet and exercise I have been able to reverse that diagnosis.  Through my own foolish eating habits I had put on a lot of weight and messed up my blood sugar metabolism so now I am much more careful about what I eat and when I eat it.  When I do eat carbs I make sure to take natural supplements that can regulate blood sugar.  I use BioTrusts IC-5 to control blood sugar levels and carbohydrate metabolism.  You can get IC-5 here and when you buy 2 you’ll get 1 free.

 Rick Porter

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